Data and Tools

The FRM Data Hub

The FRM Data Hub provides a centralized access to these FRM measurements. It aims at federating the Cal/Val community by sharing these reference observations in a free and accessible manner, with fully characterized and documented FRM processing and measurements.

Please visit our FRM Data Hub !


The Super Cal/Val Site Identifier Tool (SCalSIT) software aims to support the Cal/Val community and scientists in identifying potential in-situ Cal/Val sites over Inland Water Surfaces, to contribute to the validation activities effort of the Copernicus Sentinel-3 STM mission, but also to perform in-situ hydrological measurements for downstream applications or R&D. It has been developed as a QGIS Plugin, but can be used in command line, through Docker. Please contact us if you want to download it.

More about Sentinel-3 STM for hydrology, sea ice and land ice